Thursday, August 1, 2013

This is what you sent?

I know, I know... My Rando shots are not the best but I usually try to get an interesting object or what I think it represents the occasion. 
Based on that, sometimes I wonder why I get so many shots of TV screens, walls or black places. Is it some kind of karma?
In addition to those, I get some other shots that I really don't care much about them like the ones with feet (shoes are ok), especially if those feet are ugly, or the ones with the 'thumb up'. What's up with that? Leave that to Facebook, people!
Unfortunately, I deleted many of those shots already but here is a small sample of the ones that I'll be deleting shortly;

This was the very first Rando I received from someone in Japan. Really? Japan, the land of awesomeness, and this is what I get?

Thanks Berlin, but is this the best you can do?

Of course, South Korea is not behind on it. Check these;

Ah! Brazil... Beautiful places, lame Rando users.

I promise I'll do better if you promise not to send me more of these, deal?

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