Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The ones I really like

This one came from Jordan and it's one of my most favorite Randos.

The second favorite is the one I received from South Korea. It makes me laugh because I imagine the photographer is so addicted to Rando (like me) and is not missing any opportunity. 

From Texas, USA came this one. 

Another one that makes me smile. 

And this little cutie was sent to me from Illinois, USA

This one is not exactly a 'favorite' one but I really like to see buildings and this is one of the best I have received. 

Someone in California, USA found beauty on this wall. So do I. 

I love the concept of the "Rando of a Rando"

This one is pretty cool. It came from Wisconsin, USA

I love all the kitties and animals I receive from Rando but this russian kitty is one of my favorites!  He's not having it. :-)

Somewhere in Italy, a big crowd is walking down the street. I wonder if the soccer match just ended. 

I really like this one sent from Dominican Republic. 

Someday I'll go to Jerusalem. I hope to find this place. 

China sent me this. I wish I knew what it says. 

And here is a second shot from China. 

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