Friday, January 17, 2014

Not so random...

Sometimes I have to send my Randos without a location (because I'm in an airplane or on a highway in the middle of nowhere). Randos without a location are my pet peeves, I really want to know who got my Rando!
During those times, I also noticed some Randos come in groups and from the same person.
Here are some of those I have received.
These are from "The train to somewhere".
From the looks, it may be somewhere in Europe.
This girl is too bored and she stays in the same position sending Randos. How do I know is the same person? Look at the bedspread.

The next person was too excited about his baby tangerine and wanted to show it off.

On the following set, I picture Santa Claus trying to get ready for his big night.

This guy is almost as excited as the guy with the tangerine and he shows us his new shoes.

This puppy was tired of the Rando paparazzi in front of him
But my favorite is "Forever alone" Rob.
Sorry Rob but I am not a girl of 13 and my iPhone is not 4S

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